What Kind of Church is Friends in Faith?  Our Focus Is ...

Churches come packaged in all sorts of ways these days.  From being ultra-traditional to anything-goes, it seems like many churches tailor their services to cater to a certain group of people.

So, what sort of church is Friends in Faith?  Words that characterize us are:
  • Biblical - One thing that Friends in Faith strives for is to follow the church model presented in the Bible.  We believe that since the Bible is God's record for us to follow, following it to the best of our ability is what He wants.  Because of this, the preaching and teaching of the Bible in an understandable way is important to us.
  • Sincere - At Friends in Faith, our main objective is to worship and serve God, not to have the biggest or richest church.  Although no church or person is perfect, we do try to keep our priorities straight.
  • Close-knit - Friends in Faith tries to live out our name.  We want to be more than a group of people who go to church together.  We want to be people who have common beliefs and who show true fellowship by being connected to each other.
  • Simple - At Friends in Faith, we don't try gimmicks or have layers of programs.  We just try to worship and serve God, grow spiritually, and love each other.  It's as simple as that!

Are you looking for a church that focuses on these concepts?  If so, give us a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

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Stephen Lee, Pastor
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Service Time:
Sunday @10:00 AM

715 Sonderen St.
O'Fallon, MO 63366
Traditional? Contemporary?
Some people wonder, "Are your services traditional or contemporary?"  So often the style of worship is emphasized so much that the act of worship is overlooked. We try to focus on the act, and let the style naturally take its course.

We are casual with each other, mainly because as a small church it just suits us.  However, we are serious in what we do. 

So if you visit us, come as you are.  We don't have dress codes or rules.  But remember that we are there to worship a holy God! 

We hope to see you soon!